Training Toolkit

The training toolkit is a repository of information on waste and resource management. The toolkit is aimed to consolidate material sourced from the internal team and also from experts visiting the website. The aim of the toolkit is to host and provide material on the traditional and newer concepts in use in waste and resource management.


  • The toolkit will be useful for all those who want to learn about waste and gain detailed knowledge about the topic.
  • The toolkit will also be helpful for staying abreast about the current topics in waste management.
  • Primarily focussing on the Indian scenario, the toolkit will also provide international insights through concepts, case studies and international experiences.
  • The training toolkit encourages focussed participation and discussion on each of the topics. Experts, professionals, researchers and learners can interact with each other for detailed discussion on these topics

You can use the toolkit in two ways:

As a User: Upon registration as a user, the toolkit will allow you to view all the resources that has been uploaded by the internal team and the team of experts. It will allow you engage in discussions under each of the topics as well, and interact with the team of experts.

As a Contributor: As a contributor, the admin would allow you to upload material to the website. You will also have all the access benefits given to the users of the website.In order to become a contributor, login to the toolkit and place a request specifying your area of expertise with the admin. Upon approval, you will be able to upload material on the website. All contributors are encouraged to contribute to the material in the toolkit in the form of case studies, presentations, project reports, workshop reports, research papers, case studies, published theses and research articles.

Click here to access the training toolkit.

The development of the toolkit has been initiated in Jaunary 2015 through the first workshop. By the next workshop in June 2015, the toolkit will be completely furnished with material sourced from experts. It shall also provide a guided methodology on how to develop each of the modules into courses of their own. The completed toolkit and the guided methodologies can be accessed by both professional and educational institutions through a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), through which the institution can be a partner with EMC LLP and Griffith University. The MoC will allow the institutions to organise their own training courses and help in the better dissemination of information by strengthening the network of experts in waste and resource management.

To learn more about the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC),please click here.