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The training toolkit is a developing bank of material on waste and resource management. The process of making the toolkit has started in January 2015, and will be developed till June 2015, where it shall be presented in the second workshop. The toolkit is available only through registration to the website. You can register with us in the following two ways:

USER: You can register to the website as an user. An user will be able to access the toolkit and view/ download the public resources available. The toolkit that will be released in June 2015 will contain all the publicly available resources along with some other documents and guidelines for institutions to develop each of the modules.

In order to become an user and access the toolkit, please click here.

CONTRIBUTOR: Once you become an user of the toolkit, you can also upload materials to the website, based on your expertise and areas of interest. After your registration as an user, you can place a request to become a contributor from the toolkit homepage. You will have to fill in the areas of expertise and upload your CV. All the contributors will also be able to view and download all the materials from the toolkit. Once your request has been approved by the admin, you will receive a notification email from the website. After approval, you can upload material to the toolkit.

If you’re already an user of the toolkit, you can fill in your details here and request to become a contributor.

To learn more about the toolkit and its benefits, click here.