Project Outputs

Under the EMC-GU project on integrated waste resources, 3 stakeholder consultation workshops were conducted over the year 2015. The objective of these workshops was to get stakeholder feedback and recommendations on the project and incorporate the same into project deliverables. Over this period, 3 major outputs produced by EMC and GU are the IWR web portal, Training Toolkit and Guidance Manual for the toolkit. All the final outputs and workshop reports are available to download.

Workshop Presentations

Presentation Title



The importance of Continuing Education Program on Waste and Resource Management Dr. Prasad Modak 20th January 2015 Download
International Scenario on Education in Waste and Resource Management Dr. Sunil Herat 20th January 2015 Download
Proposed 5 day course on Waste and Resource Management for Professionals Shantanu Roy 20th January 2015 Download
Course on Waste and Resource Management for Postgraduate Students in Engineering and Environmental Sciences Dr. Sunil Herat 21st January 2015 Download
Proposed 30 day course on Waste and Resource Management for Students Shantanu Roy 21st January 2015 Download
How to use the Training Toolkit Dr. Prasad Modak 16th July 2015 Download
Waste Management Programs by Stree Mukti Sanghatana Jyoti Mhapsekar 16th July 2015 Download
Programs under the UNU’s E-waste Academy Dr. Deepali Sinha Khetriwal 16th July 2015 Download
UNEP- IETC’s course on Holistic Waste Management Prof. Visvanathan Chettiyappan 16th July 2015 Download
E-Waste Management: An International Perspective Dr. Sunil Herat 30th November 2015 Download
Converting Plastic Waste to Fuel Madhuri Bogawat 30th November 2015 Download
Waste Management at Housing Societies Monisha Narke 30th November 2015 Download
Mobile App for waste collection from households in Mumbai Akshay Surana 30th November 2015 Download

Managing organic waste effectively using Biogas technology

Jahnvi Shah 30th November 2015 Download

Construction and Demolition Waste – An Indian Perspective

Asha Panwar 30th November 2015 Download

Project Final Report

Integrated Waste Resources Project: Final Report Download

Guidance Manual

Guidance Manual for the IWR Training Toolkit Download

Workshop Reports

1st Workshop: Day 1 (20th January 2015) Download
1st Workshop: Day 2 (21st January 2015) Download
2nd Workshop (16th and 17th July 2015) Download
3rd Workshop (30th November 2015) Download