Anvaya: Screening & Awards Ceremony

With the aim of identifying innovative solutions to critical environmental issues revolving around local citizens, Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation established an initiative called ‘Anvaya’. Anvaya (meaning positive action in Sanskrit) is a short film contest on the various themes under the broader topic of Environment. Dr. Prasad Modak recognized the potential of films for raising awareness and spreading the solutions among citizens. The contest required citizens to shoot a short film on a specific theme with some technical requirements within a stipulated time. In order to provide technical support as the participants are not expected to know film making, a formal training on ‘film making’ was included in the contest. Thus Anvaya was conducted in partnership with Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), a wellestablished and reputed institution in the field of Mass Media and Communications. This collaboration effectively addressed the needs of participants who lacked required technical skills and experience in film-making.

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As each film was screened, the jury members ranked them on the evaluation criteria on individual sheets. Following the screening and evaluation of all the films, the sheets from the jury members were totaled to arrive at the highest ranking in each category as winners. The evaluation scheme had five broad criteria that formed the basis of scoring the films. All the applicants were awarded with a certificate of participation acknowledging their hard work in making of their films.

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Anvaya is a journey that has just begun; much more is yet to come. The contest witnessed fruitful outcomes in the form of short films addressing the issue of waste management. We at Ekonnect, look forward to highlighting more such creative ideas and innovative solutions for various other environmental issues concerning our society and our world.

Anvaya 2.0: Water Management: In light of the water crises in many regions of the country today, it is of utmost importance to identify solutions that effectively and innovatively address this issue. Due to uneven rainfall patterns in the last few years, both ecological and economical conditions of an agriculture driven country like ours, has worsened over time. We need to work hard and collaborate to invent solutions to manage and equitably distribute this life giving resource. Through this platform, we offer the opportunity for innovators, entrepreneurs and passionate individuals and organizations to showcase their efforts sharing best practices while inspiring other citizens to follow suit.

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