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The Program on Capacity Building for Waste to Resource Management has been devised under the Australia-India Council Grants Program 2014-15. The year-long program is an initiative to improve the level of education in waste management amongst professionals and students in India. The agencies responsible for the implementation of the program are Environmental Management Centre LLP, Mumbai and Griffith University, Australia. The program has been approved and funded by the Australia- India Council (AIC) under their Grants Program, and has been funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australia.

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The first phase of the project was completed on the 20th of January 2015. The event was directed by Dr. Prasad Modak from EMC and Dr. Sunil Herat from GU. The first initiative under this program was a two day workshop targeted at building a course on waste and resource management for practicing professionals and post-graduate students. These workshops were conducted in January 2015. The Workshop reports for the two days are available for download:

Between January to July, this website was created for hosting resources on waste and resource management. Guidance manuals on how to use these resources to develop training programmes for various stakeholders were drafted.

As a sequel to the first workshop, the second workshop was conducted on the 16th and 17th July, 2015 at Mumbai. This workshop was directed by Dr. Prasad Modak from EMC, India and Prof. Visvanathan Chettiyappan, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. The objectives for the 2nd workshop were as follows:

  • Introduction to the online toolkit and Networking Platform for course designers which is a repository of resources, making course development and discussions easier.
  • Introduction of Training Guidance Manuals: Volume 1 for Host Institutions where the training would be imparted, and Volume 2 for Training Institutions who would impart training.
  • Test the pedagogy to build training resources for different stakeholders based on the toolkit and Guidance Manuals

During the second workshop conducted on July 16-17th 2015, the toolkit was presented. The participants to the workshop used this toolkit and applied to develop training resources for different stakeholders. In addition, sessions on experience sharing were also held. The proceedings of this workshop are available for download:

A final workshop for presenting and disseminating the toolkit was organized by Environmental Management Centre LLP & Griffith University on Monday, 30th November 2015 in Mumbai. The proceedings of this workshop are available for download:

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