A seminar on Managing E-waste: Challenges & Opportunities

Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation is holding a seminar on E-waste in partnership with World Trade Centre on 27th July 2016. The Seminar will bring together different stakeholders with the aim of imparting knowledge about E-Waste Management in India and discuss both challenges and opportunities.

What are the objectives?

The Seminar will provide an overview of the E-Waste (Management & Handling) rules that will be enforced from October, 2016. The presentations will provide  much needed insight into the current set up for recycling along with perspectives from Corporates and Organizations on Extended and Producer Responsibilities (EPR). The model of Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) will also be presented and discussed.

Who is the expected audience?

MSMEs, Cluster Associations, Startups/ Entrepreneurs, Investors, Regulators, NGOs, Research and Academia

Exchange your E-waste for a Sapling

How about discarding your E-waste (e.g. old cell phone, calculator) and in exchange get a sapling to celebrate your gesture? The Seminar will provide an opportunity to participants to drop off their E-waste in exchange for a sapling during registration.



Please email to disha.mahajan@ekonnect.net or sonal.alvares@ekonnect.net for registration.