Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions when you visit our site.


Information on the Site

All the information exhibited through the IWR website has been developed by the team members at IWR for the sole purpose of communicating and interacting with the visitors to the site



Visitors to the site are invited to engage with the team at IWR in order to learn more about the details of the project. During such interactions, IWR will request and collate details about visitors that will permit better fulfillment of objectives identified at the beginning of the communication. The intent is to further the business and administrative purposes of the project as well as meet the requirements of the visitors.


Personal details

Personal details provided to us will be used by IWR in ways as required by the project. However, we will not share your details with any other party or be held liable for any misuse of this information by another party.


Collaborate with the team at IWR

We invite you to browse through the site and learn more about the project. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome; do reach out to us in case you wish to collaborate with us. In doing so, you may be required to enter into an agreement with us. Do download and read our Memorandum of Cooperation and write to Dr.Prasad Modak at prasad.modak@emcentre.com for more.


Intellectual Property Rights

The resources and content made available on this site has been developed by the team members of this project. As such all the content remains the intellectual property of the organisations running this project, in this case, Environmental Management Centre LLP. In case you are signed on to collaborate with the team members of the project, you will be bound to the terms of the MoC signed prior to contribution from your side. Resources and content denoted here mean all forms of materials in the form of text, presentations, documents, graphics and any other such material.



In case of further queries that have not been answered here or that you may have with regards to the terms and conditions, do contact anuja.sawant@emcentre.com